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According to the Law 34/2002 on Information and Electronic Trade Society Services, we inform you that the owner of this web page is CENTRO DE ORTODONCIA Y ATM, LADENT, SL (LADENT FORMACIÓN). Our business address is Lleó, 11-13, 1st floor, 08911 Badalona, Spain. Our VAT Identification Number is B-52973933 and we are inscribed in Trade Register of Barcelona, Vol. 21.713, paper 151, page B 25966, inscription 1.

If you want to contact us, you can do it via e-mail or you can phone us at +34 93 384 47 05.

LADENT FORMACIÓN is a training portal site whose aim is to offer to its USERS the possibility to sign up online to different in-classroom orthodontics courses, as well as to be a member of a LADENT CLUB, and to have an access to various materials related to orthodontics, and receive newsletters related to the same matter.

The USER has a free access to our web page with a condition to previously read and accept unconditionally and completely the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE, which are in force at the moment of his accession. Please read them very carefully. The USER unconditionally accepts the general conditions of the use of our portal site at the moment in which he uses our portal site and its contents and services. If the USER does not agree with these Conditions of Use, he should not use this portal site and operate in it.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy our in-classroom and online courses offered at this web page, you have to open an account, fill out the forms and accept GENERAL PURCHASE CONDITIONS. In such cases, you will be duly identified, and you will be indicated proceedings to follow in order to finish successfully the registration and purchase of our training services.

We have the right to modify the presentation and configuration of our web page anytime, even remove it from the Internet, as well as all our offered services and contents, unilaterally and without previous notice.

The present conditions of use of our web page are governed by the laws of Spain, and both Spanish and foreign citizens who use our web page will be governed by the same laws.


1. Portal site copyright: All the contents, texts, images and source codes are the property of LADENT FORMACIÓN, or third parties whose permission to exploit their work has been duly acquired, and are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

The user is entitled to use the contents of this web page solely for his private and non-profit purposes, and an explicit authorization of LADENT FORMACIÓN is needed to modify, reproduce, exploit or distribute them, or any other action whose copyright belongs to this web page owner.

LADENT FORMACIÓN is registered trade mark, and any kind of its reproduction, imitation, use or insertion without our explicit authorization is prohibited.

Linking to our portal site does not confer any right over it – it allows solely to access to our web page, and it is absolutely prohibited partial or total reproduction of images and contents of our portal site at other web pages. Linking to our portal site does not entail any right to the title of a LADENT FORMACIÓN collaborator or partner.

It is absolutely prohibited any partial or total imitation of our portal site.

2. Courses: All teaching material and documentation that can be obtained after having accepted the general purchase conditions, are the property of LADENT FORMACIÓN, or third parties whose permission to exploit their work has been duly acquired, and are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

The acquisition of our teaching material after having accepted the general purchase conditions, confers to a user a non-exclusive private purposes licence for the use of our teaching material. It is absolutely prohibited to transfer, modify, reproduce, spread publicly, exploit and distribute it commercially, or incorporate it in other teaching materials or actions, or any other action whose copyright belongs to LADENT FORMACIÓN.

It is absolutely prohibited any partial or total imitation of any teaching material that can be obtained from our portal site.


The access to our web page is free and does not require previous registration nor subscription. However, in order to use determined services (such as Course purchase or Ladent Club registration), a previous subscription and filling out some forms may be required. In such cases, you will be duly identified, and you will be indicated proceedings to follow in order to finish successfully the corresponding registration.

The access to our web page should be done in good faith, according to the public order rules, present General Conditions of Use, and where appropriate, some specific conditions of use that might be applied. The access to our web page is carried out under the sole responsibility of the user, who will, in any case, be responsible for any harm or damage he might cause to third parties or to us.

It is expressly prohibited to use and obtain the services and contents offered at this web page for performances different to those stipulated in the present conditions of use, and, where appropriate, in specific conditions that regulate the acquisition of determined services.

Having in mind the impossibility to control the information, contents and services offered by other web sites to which might be possible to access through the links (links, banners, buttons, browsers) that we put at our web page, we inform you that LADENT FORMACIÓN denies any responsibility for any kind of harm or damage that might be caused by using those web pages that don’t have anything to do with our company, and therefore, we recommend to read legal notice that governs those web sites.

Linking to our portal site from other web pages does not confer in any case the existence of any commercial or mercantile relationship with the owner of the web page that links to our portal site, nor the acceptance of its contents or services by LADENT FORMACIÓN.

LADENT FORMACIÓN reserves the right to take legal actions against the users who violate the present Conditions of Use. The USER also accepts that if LADENT FORMACIÓN does not take these actions, it does not mean it renounces the right to do it in the future, within the time limit of infringement expiration.


LADENT FORMACIÓN informs you that at this web page you will be asked for some personal information which will be incorporated into our data base and will be used to inform you about our company and its services, complete online course purchase, register to Ladent Club, or send you commercial info. We also inform you that all personal information is treated according to the Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007, and that our data base is legally inscribed in General Register of Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Users under the age of 14 are forbidden to give their personal information at this web page without previous consent of their parents or legal guardians.

LADENT FORMACIÓN, as a responsible for its data base, considers that when you send us your personal information through the forms of this web page or via e-mail, you expressly give us your authorization and consent – although revocable and without retroactive effects – to use your personal data and to incorporate them into our corresponding data base, and accept the following conditions of its treatment.

The information we ask is appropriate, pertinent and strictly necessary for the purpose it is collected. You are in no way obliged to provide us with it, nevertheless, they are absolutely necessary to carry out the services we are offering.

Our web page could ask for your personal information through the following options:

- Through the CONTACT and E-MAIL options we offer you an e-mail of our company, so you can ask from us any kind of information or explication. If you include your personal information in your e-mail, you authorize us to introduce your personal information into our Commercial Data Base, if LADENT FORMACIÓN considers it necessary. Your personal information will be treated according to the present privacy policies.

- Through the LADENT CLUB option, we offer you a registration form in which we ask you for your personal information with the purpose to enable you the access to Ladent Club by means of a user name and a password, so you can benefit from the Ladent Club advantages (Newsletters, access to technical subjects, access to orthodontic practice files, and other kind of information related to our activity). Your personal data will be introduced into our corresponding Commercial Data Base.

- Through the IN-CLASSROOM COURSES/REGISTRATION FORM option we offer you our in-classroom courses registration form, so you can carry out the courses purchase process. Your personal data will be included in our Clients Data Base.

- Through the ON-LINE COURSES/PURCHASE option we offer you our on-line courses registration form, so you can carry out the courses purchase process, to access to our training platform, to be able to manage your contracted courses, your training agenda, etc. Your personal data will be included in our Clients Data Base.

The management of our training platform has a public zone which can be accessed by other students. The USER should be aware that all personal information he includes into this public zone will be accessible by all other users.

Through the option “My profile”, the USER will be able to modify or cancel all his personal info he wants, except those necessary for the continuation of the contractual relationship between the LADENT FORMACIÓN and the USER.

All fields marked with asterisk (*) are compulsory, so the user can carry out the purpose for which his personal info is solicited.

You are entitled to a free accession to your personal information anytime, to consult them, modify them if they are wrong or changed, or cancel them if you don’t wish them to be incorporated in our data base anymore. You can contact us in order to practice your rights, within the scope of legally determined terms, to CENTRO DE ORTODONCIA Y ATM, LADENT, S.L. – Person in charge for Data Protection, Lleó 11-13, 1st floor, 08911 Badalona (Spain). You can also ask any information or help in soliciting your rights at

LADENT FORMACIÓN informs you that your personal information is confidential, and used exclusively for internal and previously indicated purposes. Therefore, we do not hand over or share your personal information with any third party, unless you authorize us expressively to do it, and in cases designated by the Law.

It is very important to inform us on any change in your personal information that might occur, so we can have it always updated, otherwise, we are not responsible for its veracity. Also, you confirm us that all your personal information you give us is true and relevant for the purpose for which it is solicited.

If you do not cancel your personal information from our data base, we shall consider that you continue to be interested in being incorporated into our data base, with the purpose of being informed on our training offers, as well as the news and events related to orthodontics.

This web page uses cookies to make the navigation through our web page easier, therefore, the user accepts the use of them. The cookies allow us to collect statistic information: date of the first visit, number of visits, date of the last visit, traffic sources, browser and screen resolution you use. Nevertheless, if you want, you can disable or delete your cookies following the instructions of your web browser. Cookies in no way collect any personally identifiable information about you.

As an appreciation of the confidence you have placed in us, and having in mind the importance of protection and confidentiality that your personal information requires, LADENT FORMACIÓN informs you that we have adopted all the necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard them according to the requirements of the Real Decree 1720/2007 which regulates safety measures of those data bases that contain personal information. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that the safety measures on Internet are not impregnable.

LADENT FORMACIÓN can modify these privacy policies to adapt them to the legislative or jurisprudential measures related to personal information protection as they appear. Therefore, it is necessary to read them each time your give us your personal information through this web page.

LADENT FORMACIÓN is not responsible for your personal information treatment at other web pages to which you can access through the links at our web page.


Having in mind that the provided e-mail is a main communication means between LADENT FORMACIÓN and the USER, we inform you that we shall use it to contact you regarding everything related to us, which includes commercial information, or information related to the activity of our portal site, and therefore, according to the Law of Information and E-mail Commerce Trade Society Services, which prohibits the e-mailing of commercial information which was not previously authorized by addressees, we inform you that the acceptation of these conditions of use implies your express authorization to send you our commercial, advertising and promotional information. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to receive our commercial information to your e-mail, please contact us to or to the postal address afore mentioned, informing us that you do not wish to receive commercial information from LADENT FORMACIÓN via e-mail.


By putting this web page to the user’s disposal, we want to offer them the series of quality services and contents, using the maximum of diligence both in providing our services and in technological means. Nevertheless, we do not take any responsibility of the presence of any viruses or other elements that might harm user’s computer system, documents or files.

LADENT FORMACIÓN does not guarantee the accuracy, veracity or validity of the contents of this web page, no matter if these contents are our own or third parties’, or links to other web sites, and therefore LADENT FORMACIÓN is completely exonerated from any responsibility derived from the use of it.

LADENT FORMACIÓN does not guarantee correct functioning as far as availability and continuity of our web page is concerned. We shall do our best to inform the user on any interruption in service that might occur, and try to make it available again as soon as possible. Nevertheless, LADENT FORMACIÓN is completely exonerated from any responsibility derived from the incorrect functioning or interruptions of our web.

The user assumes all the responsibility derived from the use of our web page, being the sole responsible of all direct or indirect effects that might derive from our web page, including, by way of information without limitation, all economical, technical and/or juridical adverse result, as well as failure to fulfill the expectations derived from our portal site. The user is obliged to maintain unharmed LADENT FORMACIÓN for any reclamation directly or indirectly derived from these kind of incidents.

Everything related to our web page is governed exclusively by the Spanish Law. In case of any discrepancy or disagreement between the parties related to the interpretation and contents of this web page, all the parties will submit to the Barcelona Court of Law, renouncing expressively any other Law.

ATTENTION: These General Conditions of Use were established on March 3rd 2009. We are entitled to modify them anytime: please, check the issue date every time you enter our web page to be sure there are no modifications that might affect you.

If you have any doubts in respect to Conditions of Use of our web page, please contact us at the address or phone number aforementioned, or you can contact Aguer & de la Mora Abogados at e-mail:, or