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Diagnosis Charts:

Historia clínica
Clinical History
Examination protocol children
Examination protocol adults
Protocol to avoid lesions
Medical history
Motivation of the patient

Register Charts:

F01 F02 F03 F04
Basic photos for diagnosis
Functional study photographs
Excellence in impressions
using manual mixing
Ecellence in impressions
using mechanical mixing
F05 F06 F07 F08
Excellence in obtaining plaster
casts using manual mixing
Excellence in obtaining plaster
casts using a vacuum mixer machine
Register in maximal
Register in centric relation
Register in constructive bite

Biomechanics Charts. Loops:

Asa en omega ASA EN I Asa en "T" Asa en "T"
Omega loop
Closed helicoidal "I" loop
"T" loop
Closed "T" loop
Asa en "T" Historia clínica  
Closed helicoidal "L" loop
Heat treatment
Archwire measures conversion table


Biomechanics Charts. Ligatures:

Elastic Ligature
Metallic Ligature
Double Ligature

Crossed Ligature

Simple Atypical Ligature
Double Atypical Ligature
Figure 8 Ligature
Type A Ligature
Ligature from omega to molar tube
Posterior low friction ligature
Canine uprighting ligature
Scott ligature
Labio lingual ligature

Biomechanics Charts. Arches:

Utility Arch

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