Lingual Orthodontics
(Code OL1i)



Dr. Pablo A. Echarri


Great demand for orthodontics in adult patients makes us to look for more esthetic solutions. The development of materials, laboratory techniques and casuistry increase have lead to the development of a CLO lingual technique with excellent results and with completely systemized in protocols, just as labial technique. Predictable results, specific bonding systems, and standardized bonding sequencing allow this technique to enrich our therapeutic armamentarium, being the technique of choice with patients with a great esthetic demand, with deep bite or with hystogenetic dental dysplasia, but applicable to almost all cases.

For more information, please check:

"15 keys to CLO technique"


Theory Program:
Introduction to lingual technique
Diagnosis and selection of the patient
Lingual brackets and mechanics
Material and instruments
Laboratory brackets positioning: Set-up Model Maker (SUM), Occlusal Plane Reference (OPR) y Accuracy Bracket Positioner (ABP)
Arch wires and arch template fabrication; side effect of arches
Indirect bonding
Preparing the mouth to receive the lingual brackets
Extraction cases: Anchorage
Non-extraction cases: Stripping – Expansion – Separation – Distalization – Protrusion
Case finishing. Retention.
“15 keys to success in lingual orthodontics”. Patient’s comfort

Hands-on program: (on typodont)
Demonstration of the brackets positioning with Set-up Model Maker (SUM), Occlusal Plane Reference (OPR) y Accuracy Bracket Positioner (ABP)
Arch template fabrication
Fabrication, adjustment and activation of arches in silicone typodont
Fabrication of all types of ligatures.


Utility, Weingardt or How Plier
Distal End Cutter
Ligature Cutter
Mosquito Forceps – curved tip
Mathieu Plier
Begg or Jarabak Plier
Tweed Loop Forming Plier
De laRosa Plier
Torquing keys or Torquing Plier
Arch wire Marker

Course Price: 2900 € .The material necessary for the course is included in the price.

Duration of the course: 3 days

Languages: Spanish and English

Way of payment:
600 € should be paid when the registration is done, and the rest of the fee, 2300 € should be paid 15 days before starting the course.

Dates and time table:
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Allocation of places:
The number of places is limited, and they will be allotted by the first book first given system.
The registrations received after the completing the available places will be put on waiting list in case of cancellations.
The registration fee of those who don't achieve a place will be paid back in its totality.

In case of cancellation due to higher force, it is necessary to inform us 20 days before the course start, in order to have right to the refund of the entire sum of course fee.
In case of cancellations less than 20 days before the course start, a 30% of the course fee will be retained for organization costs.
In case of cancellations after the course start, no refund will be carried out whatsoever.
The no-show to any of the course days doesn't mean exemption of fee paying.

Suppression of the course:
LAdent reserves the right to modify the course program, as well as to postpone or suppress the course in case of insufficient number of registrations. In such case, the total course fee will be refunded.


Option 1: On-line registration with your VISA credit card.

Option 2: Registration payment should be carried out by wire transfer. Fill in the Registration form and send it to us by clicking the SEND button, and we will receive your data by e-mail. When you make a wire transfer to LADENT of the total registration fee, please fax us the wire transfer receipt.